Thursday, June 28, 2007

On the Road Again

I will be traveling, on a bus, with my 14 year old daughter and her friend to Niagara Falls, Toronto, New York City, Baltimore and Washington DC starting tomorrow. The 10 day trip will be a whirlwind. While I know it will be fun, I'm not jumping off the walls with excitement. Maybe it's the thought of sitting on a bus (although a nice bus) for umpteen amount of hours and no sewing machine. Or, maybe it's the thought of being in New York City (Times Square on July 4th) with two teenage girls. Oh My!! Or maybe it's the fact that I will be away from my fur babies, other daughter and husband for 10 days. Regardless of how I'm feeling now, I know when I start off tomorrow morning, it will be an adventure that I'll be sharing with my youngest daughter. One that we will never forget and always say "hey, remember when we did ......?" As I have learned all too fast, they are not babies forever. My oldest "baby" started her first job last weekend. A REAL job that involves tax forms. So I will take the giggling, grumpiness and whatever else comes along with this trip, and be thankful that I have this opportunity....just give me a few days and a pedicure to help me recover.

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