Monday, October 22, 2007


My youngest daughter has avoided getting her ears pierced for 15 years!! She finally took the plunge on Saturday (she didn't want to be like Oprah and get them pierced at 50). Fear has held her back from a lot of things, but the last year has been full of new and exciting things for her. But, isn't that what growing up is all about....spreading the wings and finding your strength? Now, as a parent, the balancing act is allowing this and keeping them safe and healthy. That, I'm sure, I'll figure out when the grandchildren come along. Until then, I will continue the nail biting and growing gray hair.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Help! I'm Running and I Can't Slow Down

Oh my!! I feel like my head is on fire. I have been running and running and I'm not even in shape! My husband had surgery last week (he's fine) and between trying to get work caught up and taking care of him, I am out of control. I had no email access for 5 days and, let me tell you, I missed it.

Before the surgery, I was able to attend a local estate auction. I love auctions and I have an entire blog planned on that topic. But, for now, I will just show you my finds. I only spent $7.00 total and had a ball.

I know she is straight from the 70's, but isn't she adorable? At first she looked like a funny turtle....and then....they put on her shoes and I had to have her. Apparently, I was the only one that felt this way about her, because I only paid a $1.00! I'm going to name her, but I haven't found the perfect name yet. Every time I look at her, she makes me smile.

This was a great find for $1.50. I have a matching suitcase and the train case will go perfect with it. I have been warned by the hubby, though. NO MORE LUGGAGE!! I know, I know. But they are so great. In my defense, I use them for storage. The train cases make great jewelery boxes.

This will match perfect with my other vintage red thermos. I only paid $1.50.

I did get a little creativity time in this weekend. I made 3 Haley handbags and put them on Etsy today.

Look at the inside of the gray purse. I love this purse because it's demure and subtle on the outside, but when you open it up...WOW!! Your true personality is clearly seen.

Thursday, October 4, 2007


I received the Cath Kidston catalogue yesterday. My heart be still...I love her products. They are so fun and simple.

I love this sewing box.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Fall Clean-Up Week

In my area, it's apparently the bi-annual clean-up week. The piles start slow and gradually grow, until you feel like you are driving an obstacle course. Last year, the scavenger bug hit me and I joined that group of people that lurk amongst the piles in the night. I felt like the outcast robots from the movie 'AI'.

At work, I gained the nickname "Dumpster Diving Donia," which should have offended me since I have never dived into a dumpster, but I just took it as a compliment to my creativity.

The first find of the night was a huge, and I mean HUGE, panda bear and her baby. Who would want to throw that away? The next morning I understood why. Unfortunately, momma panda had an accident and stuffing beads spilled out and completely covered my mini-van's floor. While it was a noble idea to save momma and baby, it was not meant to be. She promptly went to my own dumpster.

But, by far, the best find of the night was a metal office chair. This chair was VERY vintage and right up my alley. It wasn't pretty at the beginning, but I saw the vision. A fresh coat of paint and floral fabric took the rusty, greasy chair to a comfortable, pretty chair. Plus, it's a great addition to my vintage metal chair collection.

While I love vintage shops, garage sales and flea markets, I don't think I can "dumpster dive" again this year. I just don't feel it and I'm not ready to lurk through the night. I'll leave that to the brave ones.