Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Spring Fever

As a teenager living in California , I remember loving the early days of spring. The skies were magnificent blue and filled with cotton candy clouds. I loved those spring days because they were filled with daydreams of convertibles and ocean beaches. Now that I’m a mid-westerner, I long for those types of days. The daydreams are still filled with convertibles and ocean beaches, but they are quickly crowded out with the anticipation of auctions, flea markets and just plain junking. To satisfy my junk cravings, I devour decor magazines, watch American Pickers (my new obsession) and haunt the internet. Old Man Winter teases me with a glimpse of days to come, but then he laughs as he slams us with record-busting cold and snowfall.

That’s okay Old Man, I’ll get the final laugh.