Friday, February 22, 2008


One of my goals for the first part of the year was to create a website for my Vintage-at-Heart store. I'm happy to report that I accomplished this LATE last night. I had a vision and no money, so I worked on it myself. I'm pleased with the look and the outcome. I asked a professional web designer to look at it and, while she liked it, she told me what was wrong with it technically. So it seems I will be going back to the drawing board in order to fix those technical aspects. I am NOT a technical person and it scares me to look at the html code. But, I will try this weekend. For now, it is up and running, just technically not the greatest. Please take a look.

The photos used for this site have meaning to me. The two on the left are of my paternal grandmother. When I look at these photos, it's like looking into a mirror, minus a few pounds (okay a LOT of pounds). When I looked at her photo the other day, I truly saw who I am and where I came from. When you're younger, you don't appreciate that your parents or grandparents had lives before you. You think they've always been old and just can't understand what it is like to be young and carefree. My grandmother was always someone that was elusive to me. She traveled extensively with my grandfather's job when she was younger and became a recluse in her later years. But, as I mature, I understand the sacrifices she made and the craziness she endured. I remember an older (but still beautiful) women wearing her husband's flannel shirts with no bra (gee, that sounds familiar). But now, I can understand she was so much more. She was a women just like me. She had dreams, desires and dissapointments.

By using her photos as a basis of my new brand identity, I feel like I am "channeling" some of her guts and strength to go through my own life....professionally and personally.

Friday, February 8, 2008


We have been encouraging my friend, Nadine, to go for her dream and open up her own bakery. I love being her friend because as she develops her ideas and comes up with amazing products, I get to eat the "prototypes".

Let me be a good friend and share with you. :-)

These desserts are literally the best I have ever tasted. She creates EVERYTHING from scratch. She makes killer Red Velvet cakes and cupcakes with REAL cream cheese frosting. But, my favorite treat is the Triple Threat....a brownie bottom with a cheesecake top and then decorated with REAL chocolate fudge icing, cherries and mini chocolate chips. It's like getting brownies, cheesecake and fudge at the same time. I'm telling you, it is to die for. By the way, if anyone is interested, I can connect you with her.

These are photos are a sampling of her custom orders...and once again, they are AWESOME!!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Who's Been Playing In My Stuff?

I received these from a friend of mine. I think they are mice..but they don't have a long tail. Hmmm, maybe they're chipmunks. I don't know what they are, but they are cute.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Meet Kate

Meet Kate. Kate is hip and smart. I love her curves and she's the perfect size (unlike me). You will find Kate in my shop.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Look What I Found!!

Isn't she beautiful? I found her in an antique mall for $4.00! She's been loved, hence the low price, but her flaws add to her character. My husband even conceded she was beautiful and not just more "junk" that I brought home.

Take a look at what I found for $2.00. It is a miniature McCoy vase. It's no bigger than a business card. I love the color and its small size.

Look what I received from my mom and sister this weekend. My mother collected these about 25 years ago (wow..I'm that old already). You know, those collections that take years to complete because they only send you one figurine a month. When my sister got married, my mother gave them to her (15 years ago) for her new house. Well, I seemed to be in the right place at the right time this weekend. My sister was downsizing and giving them back to my mom and my mom passed them to me rather than trying to find a spot for them. I have always loved them and I'm so happy they have found a great spot in my house.