Monday, June 2, 2008

The Nest Is a Little Emptier

Two of my babies flew from the nest this literally. It has been a crazy week of both good and bad. We lost one of our cows on Thursday (she left a month old calf, who is doing great), Saturday my oldest daughter moved into her own place and Sunday...well, our pet sparrow, Toolah, decided it was time to leave the nest also. She flew out the door to her new life of babies and freedom. As my husband put it, "those darn boys". She'd been talking to the other birds through the screen and enjoying herself, but she never tried to fly out the door. In fact, she would fly AWAY from the door. Not this time. The door was opened for the dogs and she made a run for it. We miss her, but we are happy for her also. She decided it was time to go out and learn about life on her own.

This leads me to my daughter. I would have preferred she stayed at home a little longer, but just like Toolah, she decided it was time to learn about life on her own. I have faith because she's a smart girl and she can do it. I just wish it wasn't so soon.

On a lighter note, we had our own yard sale this weekend. The weather was beautiful and we were very successful making room for more "junk". Five families combined their stuff and we had it at my sister's house on Main Street. I think everyone was happy with the outcome and we all feel lighter.

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ricracsally said...

oh no! I'm sorry to hear about everyone leaving like that! But how neat to think that somewhere out there, there is a wild bird telling all her friends about the cool humans who took care of her :)