Friday, February 22, 2008


One of my goals for the first part of the year was to create a website for my Vintage-at-Heart store. I'm happy to report that I accomplished this LATE last night. I had a vision and no money, so I worked on it myself. I'm pleased with the look and the outcome. I asked a professional web designer to look at it and, while she liked it, she told me what was wrong with it technically. So it seems I will be going back to the drawing board in order to fix those technical aspects. I am NOT a technical person and it scares me to look at the html code. But, I will try this weekend. For now, it is up and running, just technically not the greatest. Please take a look.

The photos used for this site have meaning to me. The two on the left are of my paternal grandmother. When I look at these photos, it's like looking into a mirror, minus a few pounds (okay a LOT of pounds). When I looked at her photo the other day, I truly saw who I am and where I came from. When you're younger, you don't appreciate that your parents or grandparents had lives before you. You think they've always been old and just can't understand what it is like to be young and carefree. My grandmother was always someone that was elusive to me. She traveled extensively with my grandfather's job when she was younger and became a recluse in her later years. But, as I mature, I understand the sacrifices she made and the craziness she endured. I remember an older (but still beautiful) women wearing her husband's flannel shirts with no bra (gee, that sounds familiar). But now, I can understand she was so much more. She was a women just like me. She had dreams, desires and dissapointments.

By using her photos as a basis of my new brand identity, I feel like I am "channeling" some of her guts and strength to go through my own life....professionally and personally.

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KB said...

Your web page looks great. I love the idea that these women, our ancestors, are with us in all our crafty endeavors.