Monday, February 4, 2008

Look What I Found!!

Isn't she beautiful? I found her in an antique mall for $4.00! She's been loved, hence the low price, but her flaws add to her character. My husband even conceded she was beautiful and not just more "junk" that I brought home.

Take a look at what I found for $2.00. It is a miniature McCoy vase. It's no bigger than a business card. I love the color and its small size.

Look what I received from my mom and sister this weekend. My mother collected these about 25 years ago (wow..I'm that old already). You know, those collections that take years to complete because they only send you one figurine a month. When my sister got married, my mother gave them to her (15 years ago) for her new house. Well, I seemed to be in the right place at the right time this weekend. My sister was downsizing and giving them back to my mom and my mom passed them to me rather than trying to find a spot for them. I have always loved them and I'm so happy they have found a great spot in my house.


Casey said...

Those are so adorable. They don't make stuff like that anymore! Enjoy them.

Vintage-at-Heart Designs said...

No, they sure don't. I enjoy looking at them while I watch TV.

Jen said...

EEEKKK, I LOVE THE Mccoy, it is sooo FAB, I am Jealous:( The new bag is cute, love the color!