Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What Was I Thinking?

I seemed to be a little ambitious when creating my vacation TO DO list (I forget to add sleep to the list). So, while I only accomplished a few items, I did have a few bonuses added to my list.

I didn't get to make the sleep pants out of vintage sheeting (still top of my list), BUT I did get to create a few matchbox drawers. Here is my favorite. They are so cute and I am now on the hunt for miniature items to place inside.

I also haunted the local Goodwill for neat items and found this vintage planter. It had these strange holes (I think it use to hold a music box) and I had an idea.....cell holder/recharger. Granted the idea in my head didn't quite translate to reality, but it still was a good one. I was just "creating" late one night and added the quilt and pillows. I know it is cheesy, but with a little tweaking it might work.

Now for the added bonuses of my week off. Look at the new additions to the ever-growing brood. My sister rescued "Ellie" from the local Sonic. She had been seen around town for the last several weeks and had made her "home" at the Sonic. I have to say, we instantly bonded and she is a great dog. She's housetrained, polite and gets along with the other dogs. We are looking for a forever home for her, but since she is so good, she can hang with us until then.

This leads me to the next bonus. Meet Petey, my first horse!!! Yes, I know he is only 4 feet tall. But a horse is a horse, of course (sorry, couldn't resist). Anyways, we were asked to give him a new home and we happily obliged. This photo was taken at his previous home and I will have new photos up soon.

BTW, that is a 4 year old standing next to him. I told you I was looking for "miniature" things. :-)

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